At 2nd Gear Used Music Consignment you will encounter a wide range of used musical instruments...From high end vintage to eclectic old cool on through workin' man's tools and down to entry level...We feature electric and acoustic guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos, guitar & bass amplifiers, speakers and speaker cabinets, effect pedals, analog and digital keyboards, MIDI modules and controllers, DIs and pres, recording equipment, signal processing, dynamics, effects, microphones, road cases and more. With dozens of guitars & basses, bunches of amps and tons of pedals in stock at all times there's sure to be something to get your attention at every budget level.

We are a consignment shop and we want YOUR used working condition musical instruments and equipment. We take 20% commission on items sold under $1500.00 and 15% on items sold at or over $1500.00. Should you turn your sale around and purchase something from us of equal or greater value we'll take 5% off. 

For those that don't like to wait around we also purchase package deals outright. If you have a pile that has accumulated and it is time to thin the herd email us a list for a Or if you'd like to trade perhaps we can work something out?

​                                           Come on down to the shop for a visit or call for more information.    Heh?!              

Keys & Recording 

After the pickups, the metal and wood, the fine finish and...of course the fingers, tone is only then completed with a good amplifier. There are plenty of great vintage and modern amps to choose from at here at 2nd Gear. Including Ampeg, BadCat, Fender,  Gibson, Marshall, Matchless, Vox, and many more...NOW FEATURING:

There's usually an ol' analog machine or two hanging out in the back to complement the assortment of other keys from Wurli & Rhodes to Korg, Roland & Yamaha. Outboard gear of every creed can be found in our recording room. From Focusrite & Vintech to dbx &  Lexicon there are dynamics & effects as well as pres, computer interfaces & microphones.


2nd Gear Used Music Consignment 

We have a widely varied selection of stomp- boxes most of the time. All pedals are used except we are proud to feature brand new pedals from our friends at XTS. From Boss to boutique you'll be sure to find something you have been wanting to add to your arsenal.

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Guitars & Amps

Nashville, Tennessee USA